Nicholas Financial - 2011 Annual Report

Traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market System symbol - NICK


The Story Behind The Cover . . .
On August 4th, 2010 an enthusiastic band of Nicholas Financial Board Members, employees, business associates, shareholders and supporters(pictured left) traveled to New York City to “Ring the Closing Bell” at the NASDAQ OMX Market Site in Times Square. During his remarks, President & CEO Peter Vosotas thanked the company’s employees, shareholders, bankers, customers and some 3,000 client automotive dealers, whom Mr. Vosotas called “the Bedrock & Heart of American entrepenuership”.

Nicholas Financial in Times Square, August 4th 2010

Inside Cover Quote . . .
“Nicholas Financial represents what it truly means to be a NASDAQ listed company. The visionaries, the game changers, those who dream to do more... Dream and do are not just two words, they are one thought, because we believe that when you know how to take a vision and turn it into reality there's nothing you can’t do...You can dream of 25 years in business of like Nicholas Financial, or you can Dream It and Do It” - Eric Bernbach, V.P., NASDAQ OMX.



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